Faster, Safer & Cleaner Endoscopy

The ENDODRAPE® creates a continuous ‘Zone of Protection’, and shields the patient, equipment, and linens from contamination during the procedure. The ENDODRAPE® and all contamination can be disposed quickly and easily once the procedure is completed.

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Unique Challenges in Endoscopy

Any medical procedure that results in direct contact with body fluids and secretions has inherent risks of exposure and cross transmission, and endoscopic (colonoscopy, EGD, ERCP) procedures are no exception.

Comprehensive containment and infection prevention precautions are particularly important in the endoscopy setting as the GI and respiratory tract is often a reservoir for pathogens such as C. diff, VRE, MRSA, E. coli, and respiratory viruses (coronavirus). Despite these risks, very limited attention has been focused on the contamination present during an endoscopy procedure that is transferred from the scope or patient secretions by direct or indirect contact with adjacent environmental surfaces (cart rails, frame, mattress, patient), or the risks associated with the spread of enteric (fecal) contamination to other persons or surfaces throughout the facility after the procedure is completed.

This window of cross transmission risk is greatest from the time the patient is transported out of the endoscopy suite and taken to the recovery area, and continues up to the point that the cart is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after an inpatient is returned to the hospital floor or, in the case of an outpatient procedure, discharged directly from the recovery area.

The ENDODRAPE® Containment Systems, available for both Colonoscopy and Upper GI Endoscopy/ERCP, establish the recommended protective barrier to prevent infectious bacteria, pathogens and viruses from ever escaping the procedure room. By keeping infectious bacteria and secretions contained and high touch surfaces protected, the ENDODRAPE® maintains a safer environment for patients, physicians, staff, and the facility, by reducing contact and cross-transmission of contamination during and after the procedure.

Cleaner Endoscopy

The ENDODRAPE® Containment Systems establish the recommended protective barrier to prevent infectious bacteria, pathogens and viruses from ever escaping the procedure room. With increased focus on containing GI bacteria (think C. Diff, VRE, MRSA) and respiratory pathogens (flu, coronavirus), facilities and health care professionals recognize the importance of source containment to prevent the exposure and spread of these pathogens to other patients, staff and their facility. 

The ENDODRAPE® Containment Systems help standardize your infection control procedures by proactively implementing the disposable protective barrier recommended by CDC and HICPAC for easily contaminated and high touch surfaces. By preventing contamination of procedure stretchers, linens and patient surfaces, you eliminate the risks of cross transmission that begin as soon as a patient leaves the procedure room headed for recovery/PACU.

Safer Endoscopy

The ENDODRAPE® maintains a safer environment for patients, physicians, staff, and the facility by reducing contact and cross-transmission of contamination during the procedure. Decreasing risks for hospital and facility acquired infections is a key tenet of the JCAHO patient safety goals and infection control initiatives in facilities throughout the country. The integrated pockets keep expensive tools and supplies safe and contained within the procedure zone, and the patented ScopeGuard barrier system helps to maintain scopes safely on the procedure surface, preventing the expensive damage that can occur when a scope inadvertently slides from the table or falls to the floor. 

Reduces Procedure Room Turn Time

Let’s face it- Endoscopy procedures can end up messy, resulting in increased room turn time to clean a patient and stretcher after the procedure is completed. By effectively containing pathogens and secretions throughout the procedure, the ENDODRAPE® streamlines the clean up afterward, eliminating the all too common delays caused by complicated or "messy" cases.   

Efficient Infection Containment Systems

The ENDODRAPE® ensures needed supplies are readily available and protected from contamination. By streamlining procedure and clean up processes, the ENDODRAPE® promotes efficient use of time and staffing. Saving even a few minutes per procedure can enable increased procedure capacity equating to increased potential revenue for your facility.

Easy To Use Infection Control

The disposable ENDODRAPE® is applied quickly and easily once the patient is positioned and ready for sedation. The ENDODRAPE® accommodates patient repositioning during the procedure, and clean-up and disposal is effortless.

Economical Containment Solution for GI Endoscopy

The ENDODRAPE® Containment Systems provide an economical and efficient solution to the containment and infection control needs for endoscopic GI procedures. 


  • Decreases turn over time of your procedure room/OR
  • Reduces infection control risks and costs associated with contamination and cross contamination of your facility
  • Reduces the costs of using multiple chux, towels, or linens (including costs for handling and cleaning excess linens)
  • Helps to prevent damage to equipment, supplies and the GI endoscope during the procedure.

Implementing the ENDODRAPE® Containment Systems to standardize your facility’s infection control and patient safety protocols can easily pay for itself 5-7 times, when compared to the risks and costs associated with less effective barriers or processes.

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