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EPS-30 Endoscopy Positioners

Our Award-Winning EPS-30 Endoscopy Positioners provide a simple and effective solution to challenges and safety risks encountered during commonly performed endoscopy procedures. The durable and reusable EPS-30 Positioners maintain alignment, reduce pressure on the shoulder and neck in sidelying, and include support bolsters to enhance lower quadrant and abdominal support during scope advancement, all the while maintaining your patient safely on the procedure stretcher.

Benefits of the EPS-30 Endoscopy Positioners

  • Maximizes patient comfort and safety

  • Maintains spinal and airway alignment

  • Maintains consistent lower quadrant support, decreasing need for external manual pressure

  • Provides unmatched ergonomic support in lateral, prone, and supine positions

  • Radiology compatible

  • Durable, reusable, latex-free coating

  • Contact us today to begin integrating the EPS-30 positioners for improved patient comfort and safety during your GI endoscopy procedures!

Avoiding the Risks of Poor Patient Positioning

Positioning challenges during even routine endoscopy procedures can include airway compromise, risks of a patient rolling or shifting inadvertently while sedated, and post-procedural shoulder or neck pain caused by pressure from poor positioning.

Risks of Poor Positioning During Endoscopy Procedures:

  • Airway Compromise (including Apnea/Bariatric Patients)

  • Reflux/Aspiration

  • Inadvertent Rolling, Patient Falls, or Injury

  • Corneal Abrasions

  • Post-Procedure Neck/Back Pain

  • Increased Risks of Internal Membrane Abrasions

  • HAI’s associated with standard hospital pillow reuse

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When selecting the EPS-30 Positioners that will best meet the needs of your patients and procedure type, please reference the sizing guide below. All EPS-30 Positioners provide versatile positioning across the spectrum of GI endoscopy procedures. The wide range of options help to meet varying needs of patients due to height, weight, and shoulder width. To provide maximal benefits for alignment, pressure relief, and shoulder decompression, you should generally trend toward the higher profile end of the spectrum. Though most facilities will wish to have a variety of sizes and styles available to meet their changing patient needs, the sizing guide serves as general recommendation to select your first EPS-30 Positioner.

EPS30 Sizing Chart

EPS-30 Endoscopy Positioning Systems Informational Video:

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